In the late fifties, Abele, Renato, Vittorino and Francesco Minelli began an experience that is still alive and well today and constantly enriched with new incentives.
During a period of strong economic and industrial expansion, they began to take on metal structures and carpentry for building construction. They also constructed the original factories of future workshops of the same name; in the following years, an idea began to take shape, which then became their vocation: the construction of material handlers and equipment for agriculture and earth moving as well as the construction of the first material handler for scrap material.

From the first simple agricultural material handlers to the towing machine to the more autonomous self-propelled agricultural vehicles, through the realization of small excavators and various constructions of “custom made” models, to the “warehouse material handlers”, the Minelli brothers demonstrated a remarkable entrepreneurial capacity with strong determination, without ever losing sight of the product of work that has always been at the center of every attention: in these past years the workshop has become a laboratory where products are created according to client's needs as well as a location for welcoming clients without the need for any commercial filter.

Thanks also to the new and stimulating needs of the clientele that has grown over time, the company has constantly researched for the best solutions to the problems of handling and lifting materials by constantly proposing increasingly modern and performing models that use hydraulic systems that are increasingly evolved and building them with increasingly higher quality standards.

As in the past, the choice of the owners continues today, driven by the desire to directly follow and assist their clientele, maintaining the company philosophy inspired by the founders and now deeply rooted in the current management: still to this day a client will be welcomed directly by the owners, listened to and given assistance in the selection of a model that is best suited for their work needs.

After a purchase, the client will be led to the discovery and use of his new machinery, supporting the manager of the sales department with the expertise and the speed of assistance: a network of maintenance technicians readily available throughout the territory will guarantee prompt intervention in any situation of necessity, completely finalizing the sale of the material handler.


The company's efforts are focused on the technological development of the product while respecting the environment and saving energy, improving the comfort of the operator while respecting safety and health.

Beginning with reliability, already consolidated and acknowledged over time, it is the current reason why the company invests and is the primary objective it creates machinery that is environmentally compatible, increasingly efficient with the best rates of return, and a material handler that is safe, fast, stable and clean: a mechanical operator appendix, easy to learn and operate.